Join us for fascinating talks, amazing wine and excellent company!

The authors books together with new esoteric publications, DVD's & CD's will be available to purchase throughout the meeting. For further information and tickets please contact: Joy Millar (secretary), Arpinge Court, Arpinge, Folkestone Kent Ct18 8AQ Tel: 07842 426 751 Email:
Newington, Kent,
Village Hall
CT18 8AU (jt. 12 M20)
(Bus route 17 Stagecoach hourly service)
Saturday 7th October 2017

Members £30 / Non-members £35
Entry includes lunch of Soup and sandwiches, tea, coffee, refreshments available throughout.
Lectures 9.30am - 5.30pm Doors open 9am

Speakers include:

  • Lynn Picknett - Author of many books including 'The Templar Revelation', 'Mary Magdelene', 'Turin Shroud', 'The Secret History of Lucifer' will lecture on 'The Legacy of Mary Magdelene'
  • David Pybus - Will discuss 'Jack the Ripper - who was he?' What was his motive?
  • Sylvia Franke - Chair of Rilko, student of the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner, author of a book on Rennes-le-Chateau 'The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail' will talk on Chartres Cathedral and Sorath the Sun Demon.
  • Rat Scabies - Chair of the Saunière Society will present a show and tell on the rediscovery of the missing Philippe de Cherisey letters.

National Scottish Mining Museum, Newtongrange, Scotland Saturday 11th November 2017

A one day public meeting
Starting from 9:30 am until about 5 pm, £35. Members £30 plus a discount on book purchases - new and second-hand - including a sale of some rarer books.
Entry includes morning coffee, a lunch of soup & sandwiches and afternoon tea.

Speakers include:

  • David Pybus - Sauniere's Secret in 33 steps
  • Rat Scabies - Show and Tell - The rediscovery of the missing Philippe de Cherisey letters.
  • Stuart Mc Hardy - Author of many books including 'Pagan symbols of the Picts', 'Scotlands Future History', 'The Quest for Arthur' & 'The Quest for the Nine Maidens' will lecture on 'Traces of the Goddess Beliefs in Various Landscapes'.
  • Morelle Smith - Author and Poet will introduce 'The Four Messengers' - spiritual help in war torn Budapest.
  • Mary Craig - Community Archivist at Stow Town Hall will discuss on 'The Witchcraft Trials in Scotland'.
  • Ian Robertson - Will speak on Scottish Rosicrucianism and it's influence on Freemasonry and the Occult revival.

Members will receive 10% off all books plus price reductions at meetings together with a twice yearly journal.

To book: write or telephone the Secretary at: Arpinge Court, Arpinge, Folkestone, CT18 8AQ or E-mail: If e-mailing, Please be sure to include your full postal address.
Telephone: 01303 894 999, Or 07842 426 751

In the event that any particular Speaker is unable to attend a replacement will substitute her/him. No refund will be applicable, except by prior Agreement with the Sauniere Society